Xelteria Caledonis-Ambrosius

Female, 19yo, Ranger Class


Comes from a complicated family situation, where she did not meet up to expectations and the family feared she would ruin their reputation.

Magic school drop out.
Shamed into leaving, gifted with a quarter staff, a bow and a puppy and set off to discover the source of magic and learn it from scratch.

Has been residing at a local tavern in exchange for freshly caught rabbits. Regularly adventures out into the forest, to catch rabbits and forage. Decides it’s a good place to learn the origins of Earth magic.

Enjoys developing spying skills and being swift in the dark, needs to focus on combat skills from lack of magic.

No love interest, loves her puppy Howard, who is too small for combat yet.
Regularly pisses off other hunters in the area.

Xelteria Caledonis-Ambrosius

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