Faerun Adventures 2017 (DM Ant)

Welcome to your campaign!
What the fuck is going on

Why read this bull shit I post? Because its important to the game.

I just want to explain a little of what is going on.

So by now your probably thinking we’ve made characters what more is their to do? Well kiddo you’re going to need to learn the rules around your class, whether that means the whole book or just a couple pages of related to your class is up to you. But I will tell you that knowing more than the DM is a good thing. The next is linking your characters together via either backstory or hookin’ up some meet and greets.

I have taken the liberty to select a town you are going to start in which can be found on the map, in the the Maps section of this website.

Helm’s Hold Located just south of Neverwinter, on the north of the coast.

On our next game, you will all figure out why your characters have come to this town or why your characters are their…. whatever. But that should be enough to get you started. There is some more information about the town in the Wiki page on this website.

Also on this website is a characters page, check it out. I made a sample character to show you what to do with each part. Do not use or worries about the Dynamic Character sheet part I still want us to use the Orc Pub website or the formfillable PDF.


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